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November 2015
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MAW - Management of Academic Workloads

Project Report: Launch Event

17th September 2009

 Launch of Project's Initial Findings.

On the 17th of september 2009 at Westminster University the project partnership  and the Leadership Foundation  for Higher Education hosted the launch of the MAW project findings with a report and an event attended by over a hundred people from sixty six institutions. 

The programme below shows the range of speakers and their presentations can be seen from this page. Click here to see the report which is also available from the Leadership Foundation ( in hard copy or on line.


12.00 Arrivals / light lunch

12.30 Welcome and opening
Chris Jenks, Vice Chancellor, Brunel University

12.45 Overview of the project findings. Click here to see 
Peter Barrett and Lucinda Barrett, MAW Project Leaders, University of Salford.

13.05 Experience of opening discussions on MAW. Click here to see 
Mike Sharp, University of Greenwich

13.15 A union perspective on MAW. Click here to see 
Jane Thompson, University and College Union

13.25 MAW model development.  Click here to see
Grahame Cooper, University of Salford

13.35 The employers’ perspective on MAW. Click here to see  
Helen Fairfoul, UCEA

13.45 MAW connections to equality issues. click here to see the presentation 
Levi Pay, Equality Challenge Unit

13.55 Panel questions / discussion
Chaired by Helen Valentine, Anglia Ruskin University

14.20 Demonstrations of MAW models and refreshments

15.05 Experience of monitoring MAW data. Click here to see this presentation 
Keith Harrison, Sheffield Hallam University

15.15 Experience of MAW systems integration. Click here to see this presentation 
Jenny Rees and Jon Kerridge, Edinburgh Napier University

15.30 MAW connections to health and safety issues. Click here to see  
Peter Kelly, Health and Safety Executive

15.40 MAW connections to TRAC and activity costing. Click here to see. 
Will Foster, University of Salford

15.50 Panel questions / discussion
Chaired by Peter Barrett

16.20 Summing up – Peter Barrett

16.30 Demonstrations of MAW models and of systems for integrating with TRAC

17.00 Close