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November 2015
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MAW - Management of Academic Workloads


TRAC and MAW Data. HEFCE Report

TRAC and MAW Data. HEFCE Report

Date: Mar 18, 2010

New changes about the use of workload data for TRAC returns have been announced. Click here to see more details (specifically bullet point five) . After 10 years of insistence that sample surveys were the only rigorous way to support TRAC the argument is now accepted that it must be beneficial to inform TRAC returns from core university workload management systems that are robust enough to additionally support management information, such as activity costing.

The MAW Phase 1 Final Report launched in September 2009 recommended that "The HE funding councils have the opportunity to provide a positive stimulus to MAW approaches that link robustly to university financial management systems, by encouraging the use of MAW data to support TRAC reporting".

A new HEFCE funded report coordinated by KPMG that builds on the MAW work can be downloaded . Click here.

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