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November 2015
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MAW - Management of Academic Workloads


New HEFCE funded project

New HEFCE funded project

Date: Oct 19, 2010

A new project will start in Janaury 2011 titled 'Promoting Positive Gender Outcomes in HE through Active Workload Management'. The Salford project team, led by Professor Peter Barrrett, will be doing interviews and surveys  and running workshops to try to gain a better understanding of the various ways that work allocations are working in relation to career progression and promotion for women. The aim is to bring together good practice in work load managment systems and through this to synthesize a coherent framework for analysing staff data in order to promote fairer outcomes in terms of gender equality. Lessons learnt through this process can then hopefully be extended to other areas.

September  2011 Update

Interviews have been carried out with staff in three institutions and the material from these transcribed and coded using NVIVO software. The emerging themes from these have been used to inform workshops with women's groups across the case studies. The work there has centred on looking at both the perceived driving and restraining forcces for women's career progression. Group work has involved targetting actions that could help attack these restraining forces (Lewin K). Many practical actions have been forthcoming from this work. In parallel  work has been carried out looking at the data from workload systems  and looking at ways this can be improved to asssit with equality initiatives. The project report and recommendations will be made available on this website at the project completion.

May 2012 Update A survey to all female and male academic staff in the case study institutions has been distributed and analysed. It has helped to get a clearer view on which factors are gender specific in relation to workloads and career progression.

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