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November 2015
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MAW - Management of Academic Workloads


Promoting Positive Gender Outcomes in H.E.

Promoting Positive Gender Outcomes in H.E.

Date: Sep 11, 2013

The Higher Education Funding Council funded report ' Promoting Positive Gender Outcomes in HE Through Active Workload Management' can be found below. It includes HEI  case study interviews, surveys and  workload data analysis to investigate the disparity between the genders in their careers. For example in 2010  although women made up 43% of the academic workforce when looking at the Professorial role only 18.7%  were women. The report, through the field work  and data analysis, uncovers a range of quite subtle factors that appear to be working together to create this imbalance and includes recommendations for better practice in workload allocation.

Click here to see the September 2013 Report

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