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November 2015
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MAW - Management of Academic Workloads


Workshop 2 Workload Models - 5th March 2008

5th of March 2008  Greenwich University, Queen Mary Court for the morning sessions until 12 noon and then Queen Anne Court for the afternoon  from 12 - 4pm.  For details on travel and directions to Greenwich University please click here


See Information sheet 2 for infomation on MAW models

Management of Academic Workload Models  Programme

10.15- 10.30 Arrival and coffee

10.30- 11.00 Session 1-. Introduction- summarising patterns of use of MAW  models in the partnerships Click here to see a summary.

11.00- 12.00 Session 2 – Presentations by three partners on their MAW model development and use. (Move rooms). Please see intranet for details of presentations.

12.00- 12.30 Session 3 - presentations continue.

12.30- 1.15 Lunch

1.15- 2.15 Session 4 - Small group work focusing MAW models-one group looking at technical detail (units, weightings etc), the other group looking at the social processes involved in development and implementation.

2.15- 3.30 Session 5 -. Plenary feedback and discussion session on models focusing on the technical and social aspects of MAW models.

3.30- 3.45 Arrangements for the next meeting. Partner preparation work for next meeting on institutional frameworks for MAW- this will involve considerations beyond broad policy issues to more technical aspects such as on the units that might be used across a university as well as the consultation processes involved in bringing  these changes.

 An information sheet summarising the workshop event findings is available see main menu