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November 2015
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MAW - Management of Academic Workloads

Partnership Outputs: Information Sheets/Reports

Information Sheet 1 Policy/Code of Practice Guidelines

This sheet is a synthesis by Dr Lucinda Barrett, MAW project coordinator, of the network activity. It is available as a word document click here. 

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1 Introduction
A meeting with the MAW partnership on the 4th of December 2007 looked at the issue of policies or guidelines surrounding the management of academic workloads. A draft summary of the group discussion follows. This information will be reviewed and refined later in the project as it is informed by other topics, such as on model development and consultation processes.

2 Contextual Issues  

Despite these substantial differences across the partnership there was wide agreement on the essential elements that should make up the rationale / purpose behind institutional policies for academic workloads.

3 Policy Formation / Implementation

4 Rationale/Purpose of MAW Policy Guidelines 
This should cover the intended use, and expectations about overall use (e.g. all faculties using a model) and stakeholder agreements.

Core elements
At a minimum the following aspects should be considered by review groups: